• ●Game Title: Kamiyogatari
  • ●Genre: RPG that Shines the World
  • ●Author: Yoshizawa Arashi, Atelier Melon-Kissa
  • ●Platform: PC/Steam, Nintendo Switch (Planned), PS (Planned)
  • ●Release Date: In Development
We’re currently developing the 2D “Summoner” Action-RPG KAMIYOGATARI for PC and Consoles!
The game’s theme is “the RPG that shines the world”!
In a world where Humans and Spirits are living in harmony, contract with Spirits of various shape and powers and fight alongside them!
We’re calling it “Summoner Action”, and our goal is to create the ultimate 2D Summoner Action experience !

The game’s main location, Konohana, is a city-state focused on research on cutting-edge technologies and spirit magics. Tsubame and other main characters are studying at the First Summoner Academy based in the heart of the Academy City, where they belong to the “department of Heroes”.

Main Characters

  • Kazanami Tsubame

    Tsubame is one of the game’s playable characters.
    She’s studying at the First Summoner Academy
    based in the heart of Konohana Academy City.
    During battles, she’s using a large-sized handgun.

  • Hinomori Yamato

    Yamato is one of the game’s playable characters.
    He is working as an instructor at the Department of Heroes
    where Tsubame and friends are studying.
    During battles, he’s using a magic infused katana and a handgun.

Each characters having their strength and weakness alongside particular play style, switching characters in the party strategically is important to overcome the many challenges in your way.


In Kamiyogatari, you will contract with Spirits of various shape and powers, and summon them at any time as Shikigamis. Summoned Spirits are not simple combat tools, but will help you in various situations like exploration, puzzle solving, or even cooking!
  • Misura

    The very first spirit Tsubame is contracting with.
    she’s a water-element human-shaped spirit and once summoned,
    she’ll attack with water spells every enemy she sees.

Additionally to autonomously attacking close ennemies and protecting you, summoned Spirits can use special techniques called Spirit Magics in exchange of a higher amount of KP. Spirit Magics are not simple powerful elemental attacks but can be used in many ways and you will select them from a Command Menu you can open at anytime.


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